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  1. New research urges governments to invest in healthcare digitization

    The Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience emphasizes the need for digital transformation, even amid economic uncertainty. Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, global head of government and public affairs at Philips, unpacks the new report.
  2. How AI and machine learning can predict illness and boost health equity

    A healthcare AI expert offers a deep look into how these technologies can get to illnesses before they become severe, and help solve SDOH problems that cause inequities in healthcare.
  3. How hospitals can financially measure the risk of cybersecurity attacks

  4. St John of God Subiaco Hospital pilots Citadel's oncology IMS

    The solution is expected to improve the delivery of chemotherapy treatment. 
  5. New Zealand expanding e-script service to cover controlled drugs

    Prescribers can start issuing digital scripts for controlled drugs on 22 December.