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  1. Autonomous robot targeting COVID-19 virus unveiled in Bahrain

    The smart device, a prototype by Fab Lab Bahrain, reportedly uses UV-C light that kills or inactivates a range of microorganisms by disrupting their DNA or RNA.
  2. Keeping digital healthcare services people-centric

    An interview with Dr Helmi Zakariah, CEO, AIME.   
  3. Teladoc completes InTouch Health acquisition

    The finalized deal, first valued at $600 million when it was announced in January, is worth $150 million in cash and 4.6 million shares of Teladoc stock.
  4. Senators call for CMS to provide plan for telehealth changes

    "We are hearing from patients and providers who are concerned about when Medicare’s temporary changes to telehealth rules will be rolled back and whether they will receive any advance notice," they said.
  5. Telehealth is an important tool for rural hospitals in treating COVID-19, research shows

    Despite the benefits, barriers remain in place, preventing the widespread, long-term use of the service.