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  1. Trend Micro's ZDI Looks to Acquire More Vulnerabilities in 2019

    Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative published 1,444 security advisories in 2018, with issues in PDF technologies leading the way.
  2. Synopsys Updates Coverity With Enhanced Analysis Capabilities

    DAILY VIDEO: Synopsys improves Coverity Static Application Security Testing, and Sonrai Security emerges from stealth with its Cloud Data Control Service.
  3. Datera Provides Software-Defined Missing Link for HPE Storage

    NEW PRODUCT NEWS: The combination of Datera’s Data Services Platform and HPE’s well-established server hardware portfolio brings the software-defined trend to enterprise-class data storage.
  4. Salesforce Unveils a Speedier, DIY Mobile App Dev Platform

    NEW CLOUD SERVICE NEWS: Salesforce’s new Lightning Platform Mobile platform is designed to help businesses frustrated by how long it can take to create and deploy new mobile apps. Included is a new capability to release apps in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
  5. Why 'Cobot' Robots Are Coming To Workplace Near You

    TREND ANALYSIS: The next wave of robots is coming and these will be ones that can be thought of as collaborative robots, or “cobots.” These are machines that can perform everyday tasks to make our lives better.